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Welcome to Swiftest Fox Educational Services

Welcome to our website! If you're new to our site, you can find out about our services below. If you're already a customer, you can find resources that will help you with your goals through the links above. Our tabs page contains tabs and pointers that will help you with your lessons when our teachers aren't around.

About Swiftest Fox Educational Services

We are an educational services company specializing in music lessons (mainly guitar, piano, violin, mandolin, ukulele and some wind instruments). We also teach the requisite music theory in a fun way that doesn't bore our students. We generally have a three-track approach to these lessons:

Other Services

In addition to music lessons, we also offer tutoring in most subjects including English, Spanish, Mathematics (up to and including calculus), History, standardized test prep (SAT, GED, ACT...). We also specialize in mentoring "problem students," those at risk of dropping out of school and those with behavioral issues. For some reason, we get their attention.

We also offer copywriting services, including content generation, research, and proofreading. If you can think of a project you'd like to outsource, consider us!


We serve the entirety of Southeastern Pennsylvania, including the Philadelphia, Lancaster and Reading metropolitan areas.

Private music lessons are an inherently pricey endeavour. However, we don't want to price anybody out of the joy of music. Our average price per lesson is under $100. We really enjoy doing this, so the money is truly secondary to us. As Tom always says, "If I hit the lottery, I'm going around giving all these lessons for free."

We keep our tutoring sessions as affordable as possible. Rates are dictated by the type of tutoring required, but sessions average under $100 per hour.

In general, pricing is flexible and will be set at the first lesson, with discounts available for anyone booking monthly.